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Evangelist Elvie J. Owens

(widow of the late Bishop C. C. Owens)

You must fast and pray for your healing!

You must have a faith base that will enable

you to have the desired results embedded

in your mind-set.  You must actually

be capable of envisioning your healing

or your desired requests in your mind,

having a strong belief that God will allow you,

through faith, to tell that mountain

to "be thou removed"!

I was healed of cancer twice, a stroke, three

separate battles with pneumonia and a neck

injury resulting from a great fall rendering me

unconscious; Just Recently, I had a

slight heart attack (March, 2011), but after

being hospitalized for a few days, and having a

special procedure through surgery, God

has me on my feet again;  Lord I trust you

to make a way out of no way;  I realized

that its not over until God says its over!

God blocked what satan meant

for evil and granted me the anointing, the healing,

and the fresh fire and propensity

with which to bounce back.







Prayer Requests & Praise Reports

                             Email Us!!!


Dear friends, please email 

us your prayer requests.  

Our Web-Site Intercessors 

and prayer partners are 

anxiously waiting and ready 

to faithfully cry aloud morning, noon and evening 

for people in need all over the world.  May God's 

blessings be with us as we pray for others.  

Our Web-Site Intercessors will petition 

God for your special needs;  Please share

your answered prayers with us so that we 

may realize and assess the fruits of our 

labor and the blessed  virtue and favor of 

our Lord and Savior.  Fill free to surf to our 

Devotional Page to receive renewed faith

and inspiration from the scriptures and 

praise reports.  You may send your prayer 

requests and praise reports to the following 

email address:



The Prayer's Of The Righteous Availeth Much:                                                     

 Sick & Shut-In:

God is a good God - 

Give the Lord a mighty applause!


God Honors Your Prayer Requests:



Msny. Countess M. Owens-Hicks

Troops in the Armed Forces

Sis. Janice Carter

Dr. Michael Eaddy

Sis. Carolyn Green

Sis. Martha Dickerson

Christopher Columbus Owens, III

Sis. Christine J. Jones

Damien Christopher Sylva

Bro. Daniel Sylva

Sis. Shirley L. Sylva




The Memorial Foundation & Web

Intercessors will continually pray for the sick

and shut-in;  We are asking God for your speedy

recovery;  We trust God and therefore we receive

your deliverance and healing.  Just believe and

receive your blessing;  It's yours!  Oh!  Didn't you

know? God heard you the very first time you asked

for healing.  Just thank him and rest in the Lord.



                      Remember, In Relation To Our Current Economic Trend,

                                That Fear Tolerated Is Faith Contaminated!!

                             Allow Your Faith (Your Seed For Your Harvest)

                           To Be Embedded With A Vision Of Receiving What

                        You Have Been Petitioning For While Praying To God.

                                           Know Who You Are In Christ,

                                    Having Peace With Your Circumstances,

                          And By Ceasing To Allow Satan To Stifle Your Joy,

                                You May Function in Your God Given Gifts

                                   And Live Abundantly In The Kingdom.

                        The Joy Of The Lord Is Our Strength!  Be Blessed!



Rejoice In The Lord Always!




      Under Construction

To  The  Bereaved: 




                    To Be Absent From The Body

                       Is  To  Be  Present  With

                                     The Lord!!




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